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Via Ebay:

If anyone is looking for a ‘phablet’ this is a good price:
The pro on the Nexus line is it is Google’s baby, so OS updates are quicker and you get them for later in the products lifetime. Also none of those pre-installed junk programs you see on many phones.
This is comparable to the Note line that Samsung makes.
But this is only $299, no contract. If I wanted a bigger phone, this would be it. Plus I just bought a new LG G3. 5.5″ screens are about my size limit because I have small hands, like a carny. 

Alternatively, Amazon has it for $50 more: and it’s the NUMBER ONE SELLER in unlocked cellphones.

I’d consider that if you had a gift card, or with the 5% cash back on Amazon’s store card, it narrows the gap to about $33. Still, $299 is a GREAT price and you should also be getting some Ebay cash back on that, about 5% IIRC also. Your choice.