Watch the video for the funny story about the tools!

We don’t have free tools, but we do have the tools to get you a free cellphone and have cash coming in every month. We have plans as low as $29 a month for unlimited texts and calls, and we pay $5 cash for every person you refer. One person gets you paid. Friends of friends get you bonuses starting at $100.


Here’s the original ad from craigslist:

craigslist ad toolsWas it a mistake or intentional?

If you’re on craigslist looking for free tools, which was either a scam or mistake, think to yourself: maybe I’m supposed to talk to Rob about saving some money, and then making some money?

God (or if you prefer karma, the universe, etc.) has a plan. 🙂 Are you and I here talking about a craigslist ad for a reason?

We could be mad at the person who caused my cell phone to BLOW UP starting at midnight last night, and perhaps ‘wasted’ your time and my time, or we can take advantage of this opportunity. What’s it going to be?


Notable texts I got:

“Do you have a pressure washer or a paint sprayer?” Free tools, and there’s always someone looking for over and above. I admire your hopefulness. 🙂

Notable attitudes:

“Thanks for wasting my time.” Did you see my explanation? It’s not my fault!

“#@$%@#$!” Foul language, when it’s not my fault. Well, I’m glad the universe isn’t rewarding you with valuable free stuff.


Who calls someone right after they get off work at 1AM and then claims they didn’t realize what time it was? Is there a person on the planet that doesn’t know to the minute when they are getting to go home from work?

Why isn’t this flagged down by now, over 24 hours later if people are so mad?

Oh craigslist…