First, because I’m super busy, here’s where I get many of my deals: Click Here.

Now, On with the list. In no particular order. Will keep this updated from time to time. Starting with 2. 🙂

  1. Nokia 521. Windows Phone, but probably THE best hardware you can get for the money. $69 from Microsoft With free case as of 6/11/2014. Or $60 from Newegg with promo Code EMCPEHG59 (act fast!)
  2. Samsung Galaxy Light 4G LTE from HSN. 3 FlexPays of $39.98
  3. Moto X. Unlocked at Amazon for $299. This is probably a one or two day sale. Don’t wait.
  4. HSN T-Mobile Phones (T-Mobile phones work out of the box with our SIM cards.)
  5. Refurbished Phones from T-Mobile
  6. Ebay Daily Deals. They have attractive prices from good sellers.
  7. See here for more.

Click here to order a SIM card for the above phones.

** I advise ordering your SIM now, before you order your phone. It would be sad to get your phone and not have the SIM! **