I have had several people ask me how our finance options are better than the new, no-contract phone options being offered by some of the carriers allowing their customers to “JUMP” from phone to phone every 6 months. Let me just give you an example that I feel clears this up very easily.

I was recently speaking with a regional manager for a national carrier about one of these new, supposedly better for the customer, options… He got a big grin on his face and said, people are loving our new no-contract plan/phone options and, frankly, so are we! So I asked him exactly how it worked. He went on to tell me about a customer that just came into one of their stores and, 6 months ago, she got a new Galaxy S4 and had to pay $200 down plus $20 a month until it was paid off. Then, six months later she came in to “JUMP” to the new Note 3. She is REQUIRED to trade in her current S4, which she still owed over $400 on. They gave her a $100 trade-in value, leaving her still owing $300 on the phone she no longer has! Now, they let her “JUMP” to the new Galaxy Note 3 with another $200 down and another $20 a month on top of the $20 a month she is still paying for the S4 she no longer has! This regional manager even admitted to me that this is SO MUCH better for their company than early termination fees ever were… Now they get the money every time the customer trades the phone in, even when the customer stays with them!

So based on this real life situation at a national carrier, this new no-contract, “upgrade when you want” option was not so good for the customer! She paid $400 up front between the two phones and once she traded in the 1st phone (which I was told was in mint condition), she still was left owing over $300 on a phone she no longer has and must continue to pay the $20 a month until it is paid off (15 more months) plus an additional $20 a month on the new phone until it is paid off in approximately 30 months. AND, IF she ever decides to change carriers, the full balance on both phones is immediately due….not just a simple early termination fee! So, now you can see why they love it so much and how it is worse than any 2 year contract with a $350 early termination fee ever thought about being!

Can you imagine if someone did this every 6 months? They could be really be in a bad situation.

At circlephone.com, with Phone Funding we make it simple by offering you the phone you want that can be used on the carrier of your choice whenever you want, with several financing options for you to choose from!

Option #1 NO CREDIT CHECK WITH 10-25% down but only 0-15% Interest for 3,6,9, or 12 months. (qualify up to $10,000)

Option #2 NO CREDIT CHECK & ZERO DOWN – 90 day same as cash with 12 month lease to own option. (qualify up to $2000)

Option #3 ZERO DOWN WITH CREDIT CHECK (need approx 500 credit or better) up to 24 months to pay (qualify up to $5,000 revolving credit limit)

The great thing about all of these options is that, if you decide to get another phone in a day, a week, a month, a year, or whenever you want, we don’t require you to trade it in… It is your phone to sell, give, keep – whatever you want to do with it is up to you. It is your phone to do with as you please.

Now I am sure you can tell why we are seeing customers all over choose Phone Funding as THEIR choice to get the phone they want at the terms they want, using the carrier they want…when they want.

YOU have control.

And who else pays you cash every month for everyone you refer, and pays you cash when people you refer buy a phone through us? No one.

You might not pay anything at all. Or even make enough to have cash left over after your phone and bill are paid for.

Click the phone guy to start shopping.

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