UPDATE: Offer good until Oct 11, 2013.

What phones will work:

1. Unlocked AT&T. Will get 3G/4G most places. Everywhere by the end of the year.
2. T-Mobile. All phones work out of the box.
3. Verizon. At least the iPhone 5 works. There may be others, but anything older than this probably will not. The refurb Straight Talk iPhone 5 from Verizon is a pretty good choice for cheap.
4. All the Google phones bought from Google are unlocked and perfect for this. Nexus, Nexus 4, etc.


First month, SIM charge, etc. all completely paid for once you begin your second month of service. Must enroll by Oct 11th 2013, but you have until Oct 31st 2013 to activate. Activation is when you do your number port if desired, and when your month starts.


Q: Why?
A: It’s so cheap this month, that instead of offering a discount on a phone like I usually do, and eating THAT cost, I just figured I’d kick in a little extra and just absorb the entire monthly cost. Did that get your attention?

Q: What do you get?

A: 4 gigs 4G (DC-HSPA, 42Mbps upper limit). Unlimited 2G AFTER that but on the 4G network so it’s a consistent DSL-like speed. Most people won’t use 4 gigs. I have once in a year. Unlimited text/talk. International text free. Discounted LD available like under 2 cents to Mexico land lines. MMS, 411, 3 way calling, and a few other goodies included. USA, some territories, all included. Roaming included. AT&T, Cellular One, etc. T-Mobile is the primary carrier.

No contract, no restrictions on streaming like Straight Talk, more data for the price vs. T-Mobile and Straight Talk. Plus extra goodies.

Visit the main page and send me a email/text.

If you’re super skeptical it also has a 14 day checkout period and you can get a refund.