Update 3: 5% back if you have a Discover card and log in to discover.com and then use ShopDiscover to shop at HSN and pay with your Discover card. That’s ANOTHER $10 on top of the other discounts. I use my Discover Rewards for gift cards because you get a $50 card for $45. So the $10 becomes $11 in gift card money.

Update 2: If you are a new customer, you might get a 15% offer that also might work. The coupon below might have been modified. Too cheap I guess.


New HSN customers may save an extra $20 off with coupon code 135235

Making this phone $25 net price!

Another deal from HSN. That’s CHEAP for the hardware you get. A steal.

Buy it, then visit http://activate.circlephone.com when it comes in to activate service.

If you need an IMEI to enroll now and go ahead and get the sim, send me an email at the main page: circlephone.com

I have one of these in hand, and for the price you will not beat the hardware. And, it’s a Nokia. They make quality phones.

AND you can get $25 back until July 31st. I’ll Kick in another $30 personally.