This company makes software to combine internet adapters.

I ordered a second hotspot for example. With this software, you can combine the Wifi connection to one Freedompop and the USB connection to the other or whatever combination you want. I will now have a Overdrive and Overdrive Pro.

So at a hotel for example, you could combine the hotel wired network, wifi, and two or more hotspots via usb for a big boost in speed and responsiveness. You could use a hub up to the maximum USB speeds the hub/port can do.

I could combine two of the free plans on Freedompop for 2 gig total data with much faster speeds. Or, have one free and one paid. I will probably have one free and one $3.99 plan (gives me 3G access) with a bunch of friends added on each. When you add friends, you can get 50MB per month free up to 500 megs.

See this thread to quickly and easily add friends.

So, you could end up paying only $0/$3.99/$7.98 per month for 2 gigs of data! (1 gig per device.) Or, totally free if you don’t need 3G. I want it because it’s more widespread than the WiMax 4G.

Another strategy would be to have 3G on one and not the other, and only use the 3g capable one to sign up your account for the second device. Then deactivate it before they charge you the second month if you don’t travel that month.

Now, get some cheap phone service at 🙂 It comes with FOUR gigs of 4G data, unlimited 2G after that.