1. Sign up here using my link.

2. Follow the directions in this link to connect with other people using Freedompop. For each person you connect with you get 50Megs, so you want to connect to a few to ensure you get the maximum of 500 megs extra a month. Freedompop gives you the other 500, for 1 gig total.

The service is through Sprint. I suggest adding the $3-$4 option to use Spring 3G. You only get 4G WiMax for free. Adding 3G, while slower, will give you a bigger coverage area. The hotspot can be set to use one or both, and which has priority.

It’s the cheapest per-megabyte deal I have seen, and the devices are cheap. I have the refurbished Overdrive.

I use it to increase my coverage. I have T-Mobile/AT&T for calls/voice/data and this for Sprint data. Something should work so I am never out of touch. 🙂 You can use Google Voice for texts/calls/voicemail retrieval over this hotspot.

And if you are out in rural areas, you may have better service speeds or connectivity on on or the other. It’s a roll of the dice, now you just get to roll the dice twice since you’re capable of using 3 services, and you can pick the best one to use if there is more than one.

Example: while traveling, sometimes Sprint’s data was faster so I would connect my phone to the hotspot, and sometimes it wasn’t so I just used my phone normally.

For your phone service, click Enroll under my picture here.