The device is only $15.99 shipped now, and you get 500 megs a month, plus 50 megs more per month when you connect with a friend by entering each other’s email address. You can share unused data. You can pay a small $4 fee to rollover unused data about about $4 if you want to use the 3G network. OR you can stick with the 100% free option. It’s Sprint’s network. The device is a small box that lets your devices use WiFi. Any WiFi device can use the cellular network with this hotspot.

I only have one requirement: Sign my guestbook visiting or

Then send me an email at rob AT and I will email you the link.

This is a targeted link and NOT available publicly. I got it probably because I had been eyeing getting one for a long time.

I’ve been happy with mine for the very minimal cost. You also get 2 gigs your first month.

Here’s a screenshot of a speedtest in Houston.


Talk to you soon,