If you have a decent signal outside your house, but not inside, consider one of these boosters.

They are better IMHO than AT&T and T-Mobile branded boosters because these I’m talking about here will boost EVERYONE’S cell that operates on the frequency, NOT just AT&T or T-Mobile, etc.

So visitors to your business or house will have improved service, and if you switch cell companies you don’t have to do everything.

I bought my mom this one, and a directional antenna because she lives in the woods. 🙂

It boosted my stepdad’s Verizon service to where it works everywhere in the house, and my mom’s phone from no service to at least one room where the base station is has good service.

We could improve that a bit more with an amplified indoor antenna.

Here’s what mom got:


I also got her this antenna, which unfortunately Amazon doesn’t sell. Happy Mother’s day!

If you have a really bad signal, consider this:


It’s almost twice as much as the Zboost but got great reviews.

There’s a Zboost app in the Google Play store that might help you locate your tower to aim the antenna at.

Email me and let me know what you got.