Here’s the link to the comparison tool for Amazon:

Only Solavei pays you back for referrals, every month. No cash limit. Only $49 + tax for unlimited data/talk/and text. 4G. Not 3G or even 2G like the cheap carriers. And a 4 gigabyte soft cap.

So once you find your phone using the tool, why not use our service?

If you want to ensure high speed data on the cell network, make sure the phone you pick has the 1700mhz T-Mobile frequency for best results, or see if your area is represented at as having the new 1900mhz T-Mobile frequency for an AT&T branded phone.

If you are uncertain, shoot me an email via the form below.

Buy a phone from Amazon, and I’ll pay for your Solavei SIM card. $10 via Paypal. Fill out this form AFTER you enroll with me.

Enroll by clicking the link under my picture.