I might make this a series….

You know how a lot of those home businesses have a big startup fee? We don’t. In fact, it’s $0. I saw one today that was $1,000! That’s a lot of money out the door to start!

If you are simply using our cell service at a cost of $49+tax for unlimited data/talk/text then you can refer people for cash, monthly. No limit. Bonuses too.

Or, if you don’t want service, you can still market it for $149 a year. Around $12 a month. Cheaper than most. And it’s important to note, I won’t see a cent of that signup fee.

I don’t make money by signing people up like that. I make money when we sign up people who buy the service. You know, like a real business.

Someone wants something, you recommend it, everyone benefits. They save/earn and we save/earn. The power of word of mouth, and mass purchasing power combined with no advertising or physical store overhead.

And you’re probably saving money over whatever service you are using now.

I’ll also tell you there’s been no aggravation for me like those bottom of the barrel cell companies who seem like they are selling Sprint’s leftovers.

Right here is a good place to be.

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