I did a little math. The new compensation plan makes it easier to get to bonuses. If you and a spouse sign up 30 people for a phone plan between the two of you, it would bring in $510 every month.

Over time that’s a doable number. And since you are probably saving money with a $49 a month plan, you’re ahead on day one.

If you want a copy of the plan, click here.


If one partner signs up 12 people directly, and the other partner signs up under the first partner THEN signs up 18 people, the first partner is a Social Partner in the table with a $250 per month bonus. And you get 4 trios at $20 plus 6 trios at $10 for a total of $390. The second person get 6 trios at $20 for $120 which totals $510 between the two of you. Each. And. Every. Month.
Teamwork pays extra. 🙂
If you have questions, hit circlephone.sharesolavei.com for more info or circlephone.com for my contact info. Or to email me if I update the document and I need to fix that link.
It’s real, and over time you can do it.