First, let’s get a few things out of the way. I’ve said some of them before but they bear repeating.

The money from Solavei is real. It goes onto my account on time, and always has. The amount is correct.

Is it a get rich quick scheme?

Of course not. I haven’t seen one of those yet that a normal person could do or find out about.

Can it change your life?

Yes, if an extra few hundred dollars a month would help you. I use that figure because I think it’s an easy, attainable goal that anyone could do. Over time, the $1,000 a month level is really just as easy. You just keep at it. Refer one person. Now do that about 50 times, and you’re there. It’s incremental.

I was saving money on my phone bill on day 1, so you can be ahead the first day, and improve your cash flow from there.

If you don’t need any extra cash, you aren’t probably reading this anyway. I don’t *NEED* to do it, but I like doing it because I buy all my gadgets with the side income, and I can help people save money on their bill at the same time. Or make their bill cheaper via referrals, or maybe they even net some extra cash.

I have one guy who signed up his wife, mom, and a child or two and left Cricket. He gets $20 a month. I expect he will increase that income, over time.

Verizon and AT&T have about 220 million customers. You can find a few who will want to try it out because it’s less expensive. Some will leave, some will stay, some will refer others which means even more money for you.

There’s no contract, and only a $9 SIM to buy at worst. I will mail you a few for $3 each if you want small quantities, and then they can use that. I give them away to my customers.

EVERYONE WHO IS A SOLAVEI CUSTOMER can potentially earn just by having service.

To sum all that: This isn’t hard, and you can EASILY make a little effort to earn money.

Now, without further ado: here are my two my meager earning statements I just got on March 23, 2013. One from my wife’s line and one from mine.



So, real money. Notice my rank under ‘Paid As’ is going up? That means higher and higher bonuses.

In closing, if you came here looking for huge bucks, it’s possible. You could easily do better than I have. Top pay exceeds $20,000 a month. If you came here just looking for some savings, that’s easily done too. Now just decide where you want to be between the two extremes.

Start here by enrolling under my picture.