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iconHere’s my review I posted there:

I got a Plantronics Voyager Legend. It takes a special charger adapter which they didn’t include so I bought one off Amazon for $7. All4Cellular refunded my $7. It was in excellent shape, and at the time was only $5.99 This was a $100 headset and I’m very happy with the price, even with a few hoops to jump thru.

More reviewage for you circlephone readers: I tested this riding my beach cruiser bicycle around, wife said she could hear wind but also hear me fine. It was also good enough to do voice recognition if you spoke clearly and used voice dialing on a Nexus 4 with the 4.2.2 system update. Because 4.2.1 was much worse.

It’s $9.95 now. I paid only $5.99 because I was ordering something else. The Legend is a very good headset. It’s probably worth the $50 for the refurb one. Cheapest new was about $80 in a brief search. Maybe if you order something, you’ll get the $5.99 offer.

Click the headset if you’re not a dice roller like me. 🙂 Heck, tho, you could by 5 mystery headsets for the price. Feeling lucky?

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EDIT: The refurb is out of stock, but you can click the button to have them notify you. The grab bag is still in stock.