Here’s a simple solution:

Don’t use the T-Mobile connection settings. You might also have to have a different SIM. I don’t have an active T-Mobile SIM, but the settings may stay after configuration. You may be able to change the setting, then go back to your T-Mobile SIM.

I have mine SIM unlocked as well. That might make a difference. And I have a Solavei SIM.

Go to the apps and select Connection Setup. I will say Multiple Connection settings were found. Select something that ISN’T T-Mobile. I picked Roam Mobility.

After this you should be able to turn on Internet Sharing.

This works on my Solavei SIM. I did it for experimental purposes. I’m just testing the Windows Phone HTC 8X model for this type of thing before I’m back to my Nexus 4.

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Solavei doesn’t allow tethering per the contract. The term hotspot is not used, but they will tell you it’s disallowed. Your call.