Well, guess who gets free roaming on AT&T? Yup, it’s http://circlephone.com

When roaming on AT&T you will get 2G data but as of now I believe that makes us the ONLY prepaid solution that gives you roaming on AT&T with T-Mobile as the primary network.

I have gotten 3G roaming on AT&T but I wouldn’t expect it.

If you have an AT&T phone, you will get 3G/4G in many major metro areas. YES that means iPhones of all flavors.

If you are unsure, call me at 832 510 7909 to ask. Our network is in the conversion process, so you might not need an AT&T SIM at all.

Check the map at http://airportal.de to see if 3G/4G has been turned on where you are.

Sign up today. Oh yeah, we have a referral system that can pay you for any extra lines you bring or refer as well. Twice monthly cash back sound ok to you?

Ok, back out to the main page to enroll.