UPDATE: Back again as of 1/9/2013.

$50 didn’t show in the cart. I screen capp’ed it, so I suggest the same just in case. Haven’t checked receipt yet.


The card will be added to your cart. Make sure it’s there before you finalize your order. It should show up in your cart but it will not show when you click the link.

Then you can sell the card. Should be worth at least $40 cash.

If you have a Discover card, they are giving 5% back for online purchases now, so that’s another $10 if you use that to buy.

I’ll give you a $50 after a month to try our service. This offer is valid for the next three people as of 1/9/2013. After that I don’t get a bonus, but call me and we can figure something out. I can discount phones for example.

Also right now we are offering a free Android phone when you sign up, until supplies are gone. You pay $100 up front but then get $20 off your bill until it’s repaid to you. So, $50 cash, AND a free phone. STILL no contract.

Call me to make sure you’ve got one of the last 3 slots, then:

Sign up here.