1. The best option is to wait. We should be getting nano SIM cards this month.

2. Cut your SIM. I did this with a pair of strong and fairly sharp kitchen scissors using this guide. If you go this route, make sure you print 100% and that the SIM you are going to cut fits perfectly within the correct outline. After I cut, I used some fine sandpaper to clean up the edges. You could also order a SIM cutter like this.

#2 worked fine, I cut a fill sized SIM using the guide and my friend is now happily using his iPhone 5 for $56 ($49 + taxes in Texas, yours is likely lower) with unlimited everything.

You can also get the free phone as well, even though you have an iPhone 5 if you have not signed up for service yet.

We’d love it if you’d join our team by enrolling here. I will unlock your iPhone 5 for free if you do.