UPDATED 30 Jan 2012: We’re sold out! But the Nexus 4 is in stock on Google Play as of this writing. And it’s sweet. But not free. But cheap for what you get. 🙂


Ok here’s the deal. Until Dec 31st, we are giving away a ZTE Concord / Origin phone. It’s the same phone but called by two names depending on where you buy it. Kind of like Ford / Lincoln / Mercury. 🙂 When you sign up, you will get the phone shipped to you by the Solavei, and a rebate of $20 every month on our $49 cell service.

This is done by a discount of $20 on your bill, making it $29 a month for the first 5 months. There is still NO CONTRACT.

When you get the phone, don’t open it, but ship it to me and I will send you $100 for the unopened phone.

So, you get the $100 cash for the phone from me, and $20 a month off on your phone bill for 5 months which is another $100. Voila, $200 in cash and then you keep saving money after that every month. Yay, everybody wins. They’d hate me as a blackjack dealer in Vegas but I digress.

Go back out to http://circlephone.com and click Enroll under my picture.

If you have questions, call, text, or email me.

Download the PDF with the official lingo here.