Update 4/18/2014

This service is no longer free. Contact me if you need an unlock. The price has gotten too high.

Update 12/17/2012:

If you did not sign up for service through circlephone.com your iPhone will not get unlocked. People are submitting requests that will NOT get fulfilled.

If you sign up for service at circlephone.com we will unlock your AT&T iPhone 3, 3GS, 4, 4S, and 5 for free.

Why? Because we make money off your monthly no contract payment, so we can give away the SIM unlock service. (You can make money too by referring people once you have service, but that’s another story.)

This means you can buy any AT&T iPhone and not have to pay for an unlocked version from Apple.

I recently paid $155 for a 32 gig iPhone 4 and $40 for a 16 gig iPhone 3GS.

Yes, I got lucky, but there’s no reason to pay big bucks when I will unlock your phone for free for you and give you a great deal on service, along with a chance to get  free service or make money by referring other people.

All we need is your IMEI number after you enroll.

It usually takes 12 hours or less, and is a permanent unlock. All you do is insert our SIM and connect the phone to iTunes. There is no hacking or anything to install.

Visit the link above, click enroll, and when your SIM comes in, just give me a call and I will walk you through the very simple process. Or, you can fill out the form here:

You can find the IMEI number under settings on your iPhone by following Apple’s document here.

Please note that you may only get 2G data speeds unless you live in one of the areas shown on airportal.de You may also get it outside those areas, and of course you can use WiFi at any time.