• Maximum residual of $20,000 per month per business.
  • Commission/monthly residuals only
  • Bonuses and Monthly pay commensurate with your luck and efforts
  • Home Based business

$149 per year for distribution rights, or pay $49 for cell service and get the same rights.

To sign up as a distributor only without service, click here. Put 00000 (five zeroes) in the box for Zip Code then click the link that appears that says “Click here to Become a Social Member>”

No stock, no quotas.

I will teach you the ins and outs. I’m your guru, so you don’t have to know everything. I will teach you, no charge.

Verizon and AT&T have over 200 million customers. We just started so we have about 55,000.

Let’s steal some of their customers and the money that comes with it.