Free $2 Target Giftcard. First, I had the Target App. In that, there is a link to give you $2 at Target when you get the Shopkick app.
Target App:
Shopkick App:** Use this link for Extra points to get more gift cards **
Shopkick looks like fun, they give you points for just being at different stores, scanning certain objects, etc.

“Sweetie, go scan a camera for Mommy”

Put that energy to work in a fun scavenger hunt type game for the older kids who can handle the app.

They don’t want to be there, but this gives them something productive to do.

If you have a Target Redcard, you can get 5% off, and this process gives you $2, so that brings a decent Android phone down to $93 before tax.
The one I have in mind is the T-Mobile Concord.
It is decent and works just fine with Solavei.
Keep using that app, and sharing your referral link with others to earn enough gift certificates to get a phone for free. 🙂